Hang Them All!

You are not completely moved in until you hang that last picture on the wall. Well, I'm much closer to this moment now. I remember it took us several year to fill the walls of our previous house with art. We had a lot of walls and not that much art to fill it up with. In this apartment it is a different story. We accumulated a little bit of art over the years. Plus this one time I raided "Yee Haw" on their last day of operation and ended up with a handful of posters. Problem is we don't have that much wall space to hang it all! At least not enough vertical wall. Welcome to the joys of attic apartment. There is however one wall that was begging for a big statement art piece.

After assessing the inventory and finding that we don't actually have anything big enough to fill the spot decision was made to make a gallery wall. 
First I did a "dry run" on the floor.

Being all architect-y I measured the frames and drew them in a CAD program. Then I measured the distance of the hook loop in each of the frames and marked it on the drawing. Then I dimensioned the locations of the hook loops/where the screw is supposed to go. So instead of transferring the measurements of the frames I transferred the measurements of where the screws are going.

You like my laser level to the wall contraption? Me too. Comes handy when there's only one pair of hands to level AND mark the spots. Where was my helpful husband you would ask? Exactly! Too many new friends. Too many cool bars too close to home.

Don't be alarmed. He was back shortly after armed with drill and bunch of screws. The result is as follows:

Oh yeah, one more ghetto use of masking tape - holding the glass in frame together. It made it all the way thru the Atlantic in a container on a ship and survived shoving it around from one room to the other while they were being painted just to get stepped on when I finally decided to put it on the wall. Just my luck. Don't worry - I'm getting a replacement.

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  1. I love these decorations, frames and letters-bingo!